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Products overview

​​​​​​​​​​​Stora Enso biomaterial products

Our company produces pulp, paper, board and wood products from wood and recycled fibres.  Our customers include packaging, joinery and construction industries as well as publishers, printing houses and paper merchants.

Paper, board, commodity and specialised pulp are our company’s largest market segments, but with paper use declining, the company is developing new products for clients with unmet needs. Our Biomaterials division was created in 2012 to focus on innovations in bio-based materials.

Our wood pulp product lines cover both long and short fibres. These include Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) made from pine and spruce and Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp (BHKP) made from birch or eucalyptus.  These product lines are used for the manufacture of paper, packaging, tissueand also have applications in the hygiene and textile industries.

For hygiene applications, we offer a variety of fluff pulp grades, used for feminine hygiene, diapers, air-laid paper, adult incontinence and other medical products. All our fluff pulp products are produced in our Skutskär mill, located in Sweden.

We also offer dissolving pulp for a wide range of applications including textiles, pharmaceuticals, car tyres, cement, sponges, hair dye and food. Our dissolving pulp products are made in our Enocell mill, located in Eastern Finland.

In addition to wood pulp, we are already producing lignin in our Sunila mill​,which can be used for coatings and adhesives. We also sell tall oil and turpentine, valuable byproducts of the softwood pulp production process, which is used in various industries.​