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Restoring the Atlantic rainforest


Our joint venture company Veracel runs a state-of-the-art pulp mill and eucalyptus plantations in the Atlantic rainforest in southern Bahia, Brazil.

We want all our operations to be perceived as ‘good neighbours’.  This means bringing long-term value to surrounding communities and taking care of the ecosystems where we operate. Veracel is currently involved in various key projects with neighbouring communities.

The Sustainable Settlement Initiative

Thanks to a Brazilian government initiative, Veracel maintains dialogue with local landless people’s movements to create sustainable settlements, with farming land and technical and educational support, which can provide income for hundreds of families. 


Programmes Supporting Family Farming

The Pact for the Development of the Discovery Coast, developed with the state government, aims to promote family farming to small producer associations and indigenous communities situated near Veracel’s operations. Related initiatives include third-party tree farming, honey production on company lands and family programmes. 


Atlantic Rainforest Conservation

Veracel actively participates in the Brazilian government’s initiative to restore Atlantic Rainforest habitats and connect fragments of natural rainforest to create ecological corridors. The Veracel Station, which consists of  a preserved rainforest and visitor centre, conducts scientific research, conserves native ecosystems and endangered species and provides environmental information for visitors.  


Discover the story behind our Atlantic Rainforest Conservation programme and its unique mosaic landscape. 

 Stora Enso is saving rainforest



Childhood Project To Combat Child Abuse

Cooperation between the NGO Childhood, Stora Enso and Veracel led to the Territory Protection Programme. It integrates government initiatives, private companies' schemes and civil society projects which defend children and adolescent’s human rights, in areas near Veracel’s operations.  


Working With Indigenous Communities

Together with the NGO Tribo Jovens, Veracel is working with local indigenous communities to foster social, economic and environmental development. 


Watch our Community Relations specialist Eunice Brito talking about her job and what it means to work for the indigenous communities. 

 Eunice Brito - Community Relations specialist


Training Local Development Agents

In collaboration with the NGO Mãe Terra, Veracel has trained young people to act as development agents in their own communities. Some also work with the Monitoring Network for Transport, which maps communities’ investment needs and opportunities.