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Stora Enso Biomaterials

Our biomaterials division offers a large portfolio of pulp grades while continuing to develop more sustainable alternatives to everyday products.

About the Biomaterials division

​Paper use is declining and megatrends such as climate change, population growth and urbanisation are impacting the world. Sustainability concerns and energy trends will also continue to drive demand for alternative business models.

The Biomaterials division was created to strengthen our traditional business, helping it transition beyond pulp and paper to a renewable materials company.  Our mission is to create new platforms, based on biomass, while simultaneously developing our existing pulp offering.

Our company has access to a large supply of non-food-competing, non-GMO renewable raw materials.  As logistics experts handling large volumes of feedstock, we know how to harvest, collect and convert biomass into valuable resources.

Companies must have the courage to tackle these societal problems, be innovative and bring new ideas to market.  By going beyond pulp and paper, we are opening up new bio-based markets where our existing know-how and infrastructure can provide value.


Unique Biorefinery concept

Our extraction technology and biorefinery concept allow for efficient extraction of xylose, glucose, and lignin from non-food based biomass. We can now use these materials to create a range of fossil-free products, overcoming cost and purity issues.  

There are many opportunities for biomaterials. They can be used in a range of industries, including food, packaging, construction, automotive and home and personal care. We are already producing pulp, lignin, tall oil and turpentine.