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Care by Stora Enso

Fluff pulp for the hygiene industry

Fluff pulp for the hygiene industry

Fluff pulp is a specific type of wood pulp characterized by its high bulkiness and absorbent properties. 
Pulp for tampons, pads, diapers and airlaidsOur Care product line contains a variety of fluff grades (Untreated, Semi-Treated, Treated, LKC and Low Mullen). These products are used as a sustainable raw material by the hygiene industry for absorbent products such as tampons, protective pads, baby and adult diapers and airlaids. Other applications can be found in the medical industry and in the production of table tops.

Our production facility
All our grades are produced in our Skutskär mill in Sweden. We recently announced our decision to invest in increasing the mill’s fluff capacity by 160 000 tonnes. Starting from year 2018, the mill will have a total fluff capacity of 415 000 tonnes, positioning it as the biggest fluff pulp mill in Europe. 
Our wood is sustainable, renewable and traceable
The wood we use
We use softwood trees such as pine and spruce, almost entirely from Sweden. We always know the origin of the wood that we use and promote sustainable forest management and forest certification schemes. 

Our products' sustainability advantage
All our fluff pulp grades are traceable and coming from sustainable sources. Our environmental performance allows our customers to manufacture certified and eco-labeled products. In Stora Enso, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal for our sustainability performance, both on environmental and social aspects, and we have received international recognition for our work.