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Perform, Select and Supreme by Stora Enso

Pulp grades for the paper, board and tissue industry

Our Perform, Select and Supreme product lines cover both long and short fibres, including Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft and Bleached Hardwood Kraft pulp. Each product family contains products with fibres from different wood origin which provides them a unique set of product properties. While some of our pulp grades provide strength and stiffness to our customers’ fibre mixes, others bring extra brightness or absorption.

pulp grades for paper, board and tissue

The main applications for these grades are found in the paper, board and tissue industry. The printing and writing industry uses our products to make coated and uncoated wood free papers, graphic papers and  specialty papers (such as labels, release liners or wallpapers). The packaging industry uses our grades for the production of board and we also supply to tissue manufacturers using our products as a sustainable and high performing raw material in their production process.

Our production facilities

Our Perform grade is manufactured in our Montes del Plata pulp mill located in Uruguay. Grades in Select and Supreme families are produced in our Nordic pulp mills (In Finland: Enocell, Imatra, Oulu,  Sunila and Veitsiluoto, in Sweden: Skutskär)

The wood we use
In the Nordics, our mills are using birch, pine and spruce coming from privately own forests. If deforestation remains a challenge in some parts of the world, in the Nordics, the growth of forests exceeds the harvesting even though the forest industry capacities have grown tremendously over the last century.

In Latin America, our pulp mills are using eucalyptus coming from tree plantations. In these regions we operate on degraded land and work in parallel with our tree plantations on reviving natural fauna and flora. In addition, we are implementing various shared value initiatives aiming to reach out to local communities and help them tackle their economical and societal challenges. (more information on our company’s sustainability section

Our products' sustainable advantage

All our pulp grades are traceable and coming from sustainable sources. Our environmental performance allows our customers to manufacture certified and eco-labeled products. In Stora Enso, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal for our sustainability performance, both on environmental and social aspects, and we have received international recognition for our work.