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Improving our tree plantations

Stora Enso works according to internationally approved principles and forest management practices.

Improving our tree plantations

​Stora Enso works according to internationally approved principles and forest management practices, and applies established planning procedures when setting up sustainable plantations. This is also important from a business perspective, as plantations are always intended to be long-term investments. We apply our principles to both our own plantations and those run through joint ventures. They apply in both large and small-scale operations.​ 

Stora Enso never converts natural forests or protected areas into plantations. We always conduct environmental and social impact assessments for any greenfield plantation projects.


Stora Enso's work has several links to agriculture along our value chain, ranging from the development of innovative land use practices in our tree plantations to providing the food industry with sustainable packaging solutions. During 2013 we were also involved in the development of the United Nation Global Compact's Sustainable Agriculture Principles (SABSs). A draft version of the SABSs has been under stakeholder consultation, and the finalized principles are expected to be published during 2014.


During 2013 Stora Enso also continued to participate in wider initiatives that aim to enhance sustainable plantation forestry globally through dialogues with other companies, governmental organisations and the WWF. We are currently participating in the third phase of WWF's New Generation Plantations project

(, which focuses on the institutional and technological aspects of responsible plantation management.


Stora Enso has been involved in developing the New Generation Plantation concept since its launch in 2007. Participation in the project has given us an opportunity to rethink and improve our operations by learning from our stakeholders.