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Targets and performance

​In 2013 we finalised the revision of our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and related targets as part of our Global Responsibility Strategy. Stora Enso's revised Global Responsibility KPIs and targets are listed in the tables below together with our related performance results for 2013.
People and Ethics

Health and Safety

Key Performance indicators
Performance in 2013​
Strategic objective​
Total Recordable Incidents (TRI) rate
Below 5.0 by the end of 2015.
​To make sure that our employees go home safe, every day. Superior safety performance also helps us to enhance our productivity and attractiveness as an employer.

Human Rights

Key Performance IndicatorPerformance in 2013​​TargetStrategic objective

Extent of implementation of the Group's approach to human rights issues:
-Policy Commitment
-​Human Rights Assessments
-Actions and engagements
-Access to remedy
-Tracking performance
-Communication and reporting

​Strengthened Global Responsibility organization in Guanxi and Pakistan, with a focus on human rights issues.


Comprehensive human and labour rights assessments conducted in Chennai, India.


Further emphasis on human rights in our revised Code of Conduct and related training.

Human rights risk assessments to be conducted in all countries with production units, forestry and/or plantation operations by the end of 2014.


Action plans to be in place by the end of 2015 based on the risk assessments.​

To align our operations with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.​


Ethics and Compliance

Key Performance Indicator​​Performance in 2013​TargetStrategic objective
​Employees' perception of the Group's adherence to our Code of Conduct.
(Measured in the annual employee survey)
​64% of employees agree or strongly agree that we adhere to our Code of Conduct.
​To have a positive trend.
​To support our business, foster accountability and enhance our good reputation.


Sustainable leadership

Key Performance Indicator​​​Performance in 2013​​​Target​​Strategic objective
Leadership index - our ability to live up to the expectations defined in Stora Enso's leadership themes.​
(Measured in the annual employee survey)
​To have a positive trend.
To drive​ performance and company culture and build sustainable business operations by having leaders that act as effective role models.


Responsible sourcing (of inputs other than wood)

Key Performance Indicator​​​​Performance in 2013​​​​Target​​​Strategic objective
​% of supplier spend covered by our supplier responsibility criteria.
(Including direct and indirect inputs other than wood)
​94% of the Group-level supplier spend covered by our responsibility criteria.
​To include unit-level contracts in the measurement during 2014, and ensure that more than 90% of the total supplier spend will be covered by our responsibility criteria by the end of 2016.
​To mitigate risks related to our supply chain and improve the competitiveness of sourcing by increasingly including our responsibility criteria in purchasing contracts.




Forest and Land Use

Efficiency of land use

Key Performance Indicator​​​​Performance in 2013​​​​​Target​​​​Strategic objective​​
​Increase (%) in the volumes of fibre produced per hectare in certified tree plantations owned and managed by the company.​N/ATo be defined during 2014.​To save on natural and financial resources while maintaining ecosystem integrity through forest certification procedures.​

Sustainable forestry

​​Key Performance Indicator​​​​Performance in 2013​​​​​​Target​​​​​Strategic objective​​
​% of the lands owned and managed by the company covered by forest certification schemes.​93%​To be defined during 2014.​To promote the sustainable use of forest resources.


Environment and Efficiency

Climate and energy

Key Performance Indicator​​​​​Performance in 2013​​​​​​​Target​​​​​​Strategic objective​​​
​CO2 emissions (Scope 1+2) per saleable tonne of pulp, paper and board.
​28% lower than 2006 benchmark level
35% below 2006 benchmark level by the end of 2025.​To mitigate climate change, and improve our energy efficiency and cost efficiency.​


Material efficiency

Key Performance Indicator​​​​​Performance in 2013​​​​​​​​Target​​​​​​​Strategic objective
Material efficiency index​
N/A​To establish a Group-wide measurement process and target during 2014.​To save natural resources and financial resources.​


Process water discharges

​​Key Performance IndicatorPerformance in 2013​​​​​​​​​Target​​​​​​​​Strategic objective​​
Volume (m3)​ per saleable tonne of pulp, paper and board.7% lower than 2005 benchmark level​10% below 2005 benchmark level by the end of 2015.​To improve our energy and material efficiency.​
​Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) per saleable tonne of pulp, paper and board.10% lower than 2007 benchmark level​10% below 2007 benchmark level by the end of 2015.​To further improve the high quality of our wastewater treatment so as to meet our commitments to our stakeholders and the environment.​