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Traceability of wood

All of the roundwood, chips, sawdust and externally purchased pulp supplied to our mills comes from sustainable sources.

Traceability of wood

We use forest certification and traceability systems to check that wood has been harvested in compliance with the relevant national and EU legislation, and according to our own policy on Wood and Fibre Sourcing and Land Management, which is available on our policy webpage

Since March 2013 the European Union Timber Regulation has imposed new requirements prohibiting the trading of illegally harvested timber and timber products in EU markets. (see Stora Enso’s wood procurement practices ensure that we fulfil these obligations.

We use traceability systems to ensure that we know the origin of all purchased wood and pulp. These traceability systems are third party verified through the FSC Chain of Custody/Controlled
Wood scheme, the PEFC™ Chain of Custody/Due Diligence System and ISO 14001. We also conduct regular supplier audits. In Russia, for instance, one third of our wood supply contract holders are audited annually.

The sustainability performance of Stora Enso’s forestry operations is often monitored in cooperation with local institutes. In Finland and Sweden Stora Enso’s harvesting and forest management operations are monitored annually. In Finland this monitoring is conducted by an independent third party – either
a regional forestry centre or the Forestry Development Centre Tapio. In Sweden monitoring is based on extensive self-assessment procedures. This monitoring aims to measure the environmental quality of the assessed operations and use the resulting information to take corrective actions and improve operations
where necessary, by providing suitable training, for instance.

Our stakeholders can send any feedback, questions and complaints relating to forest operations to our wood supply units, all of which have grievance mechanisms in place. These systems meet the requirements of the FSC, PEFC and/or ISO 14001 schemes, and are third party verified.