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A sustainable product, suitable for most paper grades

Stora Enso Perform Plus is a sustainable product, suitable for most paper grades

​ Alexandre NicoliniSenior Vice President, Sales and MarketingStora Enso Biomaterials  As a result of the state-of-the-art technology put together for the Montes del Plata mill and the sustainable forestry base, our product has high sustainability standards and FSC certification.In terms of the product characteristics, we have in our hands a very unique product. Based on our wood mix and  bleaching sequence, and looking at the test results already conducted, Stora Enso Perform Plus has superior optical and chemical properties. Therefore, it is well-suited for most paper grades, in particular for tissue and specialities.​"Stora Enso Perform Plus represents a new highly competitive sustainable solution that we developed based on our customers' needs."

Main product characteristics

Wood species: Eucalyptus Globulus and Dunnii

ISO brightness, % (ISO 2470):      ≥89

Dirt count, mm2/kg (Pulp Expert):  ≤2

Dryness, % (Scanner):                  88-92

Viscosity (dm3/kg):                        ≥750

pH:                                                 6-8

In addition to other very good results, the lab tests conducted so far show particularly good tensile strength.

If you are interested in learning more about the expected pulp quality, please contact our Technical Customer Service Manager
Jenny Muller-Wahlman, tel. +358 45 807 0055