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Montes del Plata - State of the art operations

State of the art operations

The Mill
The mill applies the best available techniques (BAT) and its design allows the mill to run with excellent efficiency, doing more with less.

The capacity of the mill is 1.3 million tonnes of bleached eucalyptus pulp per year with ECF light bleaching. Stora Enso’s part, 650,000 tonnes, is sold entirely as market pulp.

In addition to the mill itself, the energy production of the mill has been accepted as a CDM (clean development mechanism) project of the United Nations. The surplus energy of approximately 70 MW per working hour to the national grid.

Montes del Plata owns 190,266 ha of land, of which 114,656 ha are planted, and around 100 000 ha protected areas. All Montes del Plata’s own eucalyptus plantations are FSC certified.

Local benefits
From the Uruguayan perspective, Montes del Plata benefits the local society in economical, social and environmental ways.

First of all, according to socio-economical impact studies made by the consultant company Deloitte, the mill will boost the national economy through a 2% increase in GDP. In addition to direct economic benefits the operations offer many job opportunities. For example, earlier many of the Uruguayan engineers had to search for job opportunities outside of their home country. When calculating the whole value chain, as well as the indirect jobs it has been estimated that there will be more than 5,000 permanent jobs created in the country.

Safety first
Through a series of extensive training sessions and daily monitoring, safety will be at the core of Montes del Plata’s working culture.

The excellence in the production will only be satisfying if everyone gets back home safe and sound each and every day.

Safety is the cornerstone of working practices at every Stora Enso production unit. There will be no compromises at Montes del Plata regarding the implementation of the same zero-accident policy.