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Enocell becoming fossil-fuel free

​In December 2013, the investment of approximately EUR 13.5 million to increase use of renewable energy in Enocell was announced. Now, the new saw dust drying and burning facility has been taken into use, enabling about 85% of the fuel oil used in the mill’s lime kiln to be replaced by sawdust. The investment is expected to reduce the mill’s annual fossil-based carbon dioxide emissions by 30 000 tonnes and reduce energy costs significantly. In normal operations, the mill can be run completely without fossil fuel.


“We want to make the mill’s energy balance more environmentally friendly. The pulp mill is more than self-sufficient in energy, but purchased fuel is usually still needed for the lime kiln. Through the investment Enocell Mill is taking a significant step towards being a mill free of fossil fuels,” says Mill Manager Sauli Purho. Most of the sawdust used will be supplied by Stora Enso’s nearby Uimaharju and Kitee sawmills.