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Get ready for groundbreaking innovations


Six months after opening the company’s biggest research facility focusing on the development of biomaterials in Stockholm, our division has decided to focus its R&D work around four innovations clusters.​

In Biomaterials, we chose to focus our research on four innovation clusters. The first concerns innovations around our pulp offering. Our customers are constantly looking for developments around wood pulp in order to improve and develop their business. In Stora Enso, we have the capacity, the knowledge and the technology to develop unique and enhanced grades with the potential to revolutionize our industry.

The second innovation cluster is around developing new solutions through the pulping process. To take Lignin as an example, today, we are just scratching the surface of what Lignin has to offer as replacement for fossil based materials. 

The third innovation cluster concerns the development of our extraction technology acquired with Virdia. This technology allows us to separate and extract the different fractions of biomass such as wood, but also other biomass treated as waste today, such as sugar cane bagasse.

Finally, the fourth innovation cluster will focus on transforming the various sugars extracted from biomass into value adding bio-based chemicals for various industries.