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Hackathon - Coding and tech geniuses help us raise our service level

How would you help Stora Enso tell customers and consumers the story of our products and sustainability? This is the question Stora Enso is posing in terms of an open innovation challenge called Hack the Pack. In return, radical ideas are expected.

“We want to see what information along the whole value chain can bring value to our customers and consumers – from harvesting wood in the forest to the end-consumer’s utilization of a final product” explains Iiris Immonen who manages the project at Stora Enso. “Data collected and visualized from the value chain might even help create new business or service ideas.”

In accordance with the hackathon principle, an open innovation challenge means that Stora Enso will open the topic for any team to take on, from niche IT consultancy companies to start-ups specializing in data analytics. The innovation period is during March, where the selected teams receive insightful information and then come together to develop ideas during one bustling hackathon weekend.