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Increasing our fluff pulp capacity



Fluff pulp is a type of wood pulp mainly used in airlaid hygiene products such as diapers, feminine care products and adult incontinence products, it is also used in tabletop products and wipes. 

We have announced a 25.5MEUR investment in our Skutskär mill located in Sweden to increase our Fluff pulp production capacity. The investment will enhance the mill’s profitability and long-term competitiveness by increasing its capacity by approximately 160 000 tonnes annually. The total fluff pulp capacity of the mill after the investment will amount to 415 000 tonnes, strengthening our position as biggest European Fluff pulp supplier, and making us the 4th biggest supplier worldwide.

“Both hygiene and non-woven products are fast-growing markets. This investment will enable us to support the growth of our customers and further develop this business together with them,” Juan Carlos Bueno, EVP, Stora Enso’s Biomaterials division.