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Montes del Plata pulp mill started operations

​Montes del Plata started its operations early June in Uruguay. The mill has an annual capacity of 1.3 million tonnes of bleached chemical eucalyptus pulp and Stora Enso's part, 650 000 tonnes, will be sold entirely as market pulp. The wood comes mainly from Montes del Plata's own sustainable plantations.


In addition to producing pulp, the mill is self-sufficient in energy produced from biomass and will also sell approximately 70MW of it to the national grid. Montes del Plata has an own deepwater port for pulp exports and barge wharf for incoming wood to minimize the truck traffic on Uruguayan roads.


The start-up went well and the first deliveries to customers were shipped in mid-July. The ramp-up of Montes del Plata is at, if not beyond, the industry standards.


"As a result of the technology put together for the Montes del Plata mill and the sustainable forestry base, our product has high sustainability standards and FSC certification. In terms of the product characteristics, based on our wood mix and bleaching sequence, and looking at the test results already conducted, Stora Enso Perform Plus has superior optical and chemical properties. Therefore, it is well-suited for most paper grades, in particular for tissue and specialties. Stora Enso Perform Plus will complement our portfolio of pulp grades, the largest portfolio available in the market, and will make us an even more complete pulp producer that can meet our customers' needs in many different ways." says Stora Enso Biomaterials' SVP Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain Alexandre Nicolini.