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Stora Enso Enocell Mill invests in renewable energy

Stora Enso Biomaterials Division’s Enocell Mill invests approximately 13.5 MEUR to increase the use of renewable energy. With the investment approximately 85% of the fuel oil used in the lime kiln will be replaced by saw dust. The investment will significantly reduce the mill’s carbon dioxide emissions and also reduces the energy costs at the mill. The necessary changes in the mill processes will be made during 2014.

”We want to develop the energy balance in Enocell mill towards more environmental friendly options. The pulp mill is more than self-sufficient what comes to energy, but lime kiln is the part of the process where purchased fuel is necessary”, says Mill Manager Sauli Purho. The needed saw dust will be supplied mainly from Stora Enso’s nearby Uimaharju and Kitee saw mills.

In addition to this investment, the power plant owned by Fortum Power and Heat Oy was transferred to Enocell Oy’s ownership on 31 December 2013. In 1990, Fortum Power and Heat Oy (Imatran Voima Oy) bought the old power plant in the mill area, and constructed there a new power plant as a part of the enlargement project of the mill. The power plant consists of one solid fuel bubbling bed boiler with 100 MW capacity as well as a 99 MW turbo generator. As fuel the power plant uses bark from the pulp mill process as well as residues from forestry operations. The yearly power production capacity is approximately GWh, from which the Stora Enso operations at site use around 400 GWh.

”The transfer of the power plant to Enocell Mill’s control enables the development of the operations as a whole. With these two investments Enocell takes a significant step towards being a mill free from fossil fuels”, says Sauli Purho.