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Stora Enso Perform Plus- A year into product development

​By Jenny Muller-Wahlman, TCS Manager


Stora Enso Perform Plus is the Eucalyptus pulp grade produced in Montes del Plata Uruguay. The mill has now been running for a year, and lots has been accomplished in order to bring the product to the highest industry standards.


Over the last year, we were able to greatly improve the product’s strength properties. Strength properties have increased a lot and we still are working on bringing these properties to the highest level possible to match our customers’ needs.

Despite its early development stage and many improvements yet to come, Stora Enso Perform Plus ran into tissue, speciality and printing paper production lines all over the world with very encouraging technical results and many positive feedbacks from our customers.
Product development is a journey. In the case of Perform Plus, we are taking it with both speed and accuracy.