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Stora Enso awarded for social responsibility in Brazil

On Wednesday May 20, Stora Enso received a prestigious responsibility award in the Brazilian Congress for its social responsibility actions in Bahia, Brazil. The award, called the Premio Neide Castanha Award, was granted for an initiative that combats child exploitation in municipalities in and around Bahia.


This three-year programme is a collaboration between Stora Enso, its joint venture company Veracel, and two non-profits organizations, Childhood and Tribo Jovens​​​​. It aspires to formulate, implement, and strengthen public policies related to child exploitation, and provides training for professionals.  The cooperation has become part of the Territory Protection Programme in Bahia, a larger attempt to bring together government initiatives, private companies, and civil society projects promoting and defending the human rights of children and adolescents. This programme is facilitated by Veracel. So far, more than 500 professionals from 121 government agencies and civil society organizations have taken part in it.