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Sustainability in Montes del Plata

​People with disabilities to work at Montes del Plata Nursery

Montes del Plata and the NGO “Abrazo a la Esperanza” signed a collaboration agreement in order to promote the social and professional integration of local community members affected by disabilities. The project includes the training and capacitation of disable people to come and work in the nursery in the same conditions and provided with the same opportunities than for other workers. The program’s applicants will be selected and evaluated by the NGO’s technicians who will then advise Montes del Plata. Once integrated to the nursery workforce, the process includes a continuous follow-up and tutorship from specialized technicians that will allow finding improvement options for the program.


Montes del Plata: Acting for the development of youth in rural areas.

Montes del Plata and the Movimiento de la Juventud Agraria (Movement for agrarian youth) recently signed an agreement which will support the already existing programmes that Juventud Agraria has to develop young farmers’ activity in rural areas, like the development of Agrarian Clubs and the Ovine Programme.

In the Ovine Programme the young farmers get 10 to 20 calves as a kind of “bank loan” and will then give the same amount +20% back in the timeframe of 5 years. The movement also provides assistance to its members by helping them in the process of land acquisition and more generally in their relationship with local institutions (for example banks and administration).

This agreement supports Montes del Plata’s existing Production Integration Programme with the special focus on young farmers to enable them to stay in the rural areas and earn a decent income.

“For us, it is very difficult to find land for the pasture. The agreement with Montes del Plata gives us this possibility and helps us to keep on working in the land”, says Gabriel Moreira, one of the young farmers.

In the future, the collaboration work will look into new opportunities to bring Montes del Plata’s forest activity even closer to these farmers and their families through the creation of training programs, sharing job opportunities, and giving members opportunities to take part in the Productive Integration Programme.

Montes del Plata’s Productive Integration Programme involves over 200 local producers, of which around 60 per cent are small, medium sized producers, or belonging to local cooperatives.