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Three Tamanduas born in Montes del Plata's bio-parc in Uruguay


Three baby Tamanduas were born at Montes del Plata’s natural restauration parc “Bioparque M'Bopicuá”. In addition to being the firsts to be born at the zoo – these are the first captive-born Tamanduas in Uruguay’s history.

Also known as Lesser Anteaters, Tamanduas are native to Central and South America.  Tamanduas are supremely adapted for slurping up ants and termites:  Their long, tubular snout holds a sticky, 16-inch-long tongue, which grabs bugs by the dozen when a nest is discovered.


Surprisingly, Tamanduas spend most of their time in the treetops, searching for ant and termite nests.  During the day, they’ll sleep in tree hollows used by other creatures at night. Tamanduas are not threatened, but they still face pressures from hunting and the pet trade.