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Top 3 consumer trends for 2017

​From the emergence of driverless buses and cars running in the streets, to checkout-less retail stores Amazon is launching, the exponential pace of technological progress and the evolution of our lifestyle have a direct effect on businesses and industries. 2017 will be the theatre of business models’ modernization, always driven by key consumer trends. Among them, the consumer demand for fast shopping, personalization and post purchase experience will be the ones we believe, will be the biggest drivers for change in our industry. 

Fast shopping
Having less and less time in our hands makes us more and more impatient. This societal factor has been reshaping industries and business models for decades. Today, emerging concepts such as Amazon go (physical retail store where no checkout is required) and the retailers’ race for being the first to put up the “same day delivery concept” are show first signs that this consumer need for time optimization will change our ways of purchase and do business over the years to come.

While the latest developments in digital marketing can raise questions and concerns concerning privacy data, the consumers’ desire for personalized customer experiences will be a key trend across industries. From the ability to personalize products to having the feeling of being recognized as a unique individual during the purchasing process, this key trend will push companies to rethink the way they do business. 

Post purchase experience
Across all industries, the concept of customer experience has become a major topic of interest. Companies have understood that in today’s world, satisfying their customers also means reaching out beyond the purchasing phase of commercial interactions. In established industries, companies will be focusing on developing post purchase experiences as a way to reach higher customer satisfaction and build more sustainable business relationships.